What to expect

Dancing with God fosters an experience of exploring our personal relationship with God in a way that reaches beyond merely studying God or religious texts or engaging in structured religious ceremonies.  By sharing our inner spiritual lives with others, we seek to recognize and honor our unique journeys to enter a new personal relationship with God.

What we believe

We believe in supporting women in a safe, secure, non-judgmental environment for healing and transforming.We create an intimate setting in which participants can explore, embrace, and express their unique experiences and understanding of God in their lives.

What our goal is

Our goal is to create a milieu of openness in which participant’s who come from diverse backgrounds can share their unique experiences. We trust that by uplifting and honoring each participant’s unique standpoint, together we will foster unfolding insights, forgiveness and acceptance that will help them grow and open themselves more to the spirit and new opportunities to dance with God.

Dancing with God
Spiritual Retreats for Women

  • Boulder, Colorado, March 26-29
  • Chicago, Urantia Foundation, September 12-15